System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

Adding Rights to an Existing NIS+ Table Column

The nistbladm -u option allows you to add additional column access rights to an existing table column with the nistbladm command. To use this option you must have modify rights to the table column. To add additional column rights use:

nistbladm -u [column=access,...],tablename


Use one column=access pair for each column whose rights you want to update. To update multiple columns, separate them with commas and enclose the entire set with square brackets:

[column=access, column=access, column=access]

The full syntax of this option is described in Chapter 2, NIS+: An Introduction.

The example below adds read and modify rights to the group for the name and addr columns in the table.

client% nistbladm -u `[name=g+rm,addr=g+rm],'