System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

NIS+ Groups

NIS+ groups are used to assign access rights to NIS+ objects to one or more NIS+ principles. These access rights are described in Chapter 11, NIS+ Security Overview. Information about NIS+ groups is stored in tables located in the NIS+ groups_dir directory object. Information about each group is stored in a table of the same name. For example, information about the admin group is stored in admin.groups_dir.

It is recommended practice to create at least one NIS+ group called admin. The admin NIS+ group is normally used to designate those users who are to have NIS+ access rights. You can name this group anything you want, but the NIS+ manual set assumes that the group with NIS+ administrator privileges is named admin. You can also create multiple NIS+ groups with different sets of users and different sets of rights.

Note –

Always use the nisgrpadm command to work with NIS+ group membership. You can also use the nisls and nischgrp commands on the group table. Do not use the nistbladm command on the group table.

For a complete description of NIS+ group-related commands and their syntax and options, see the NIS+ man pages.