System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

Related NIS+ Administration Commands for Groups

The nisgrpadm command performs most group administration tasks but several other commands affect groups as well,

Table 17–1 NIS+ Commands That Affect Groups





Creates, among other things, the directory in which a domain's groups are stored: groups_dir.



Lists the contents of the groups_dir directory; in other words, all the groups in a domain. For each named groups there will be a table of that name in groups_dir.

Using the nisls Command With Directories


Changes or assigns a group to any NIS+ object. 

Changing an NIS+ Object or Entry's Group


Lists the object properties and membership of an NIS+ group. 

Using niscat With NIS+ Groups


Lists, among other things, the group that will be assigned to any new NIS+ object. 

Displaying NIS+ Defaults With nisdefaults

For a complete description of these commands and their syntax, and options, see the NIS+ man pages.

Note –

Do not use the nistbladm command to work with the NIS+ groups table.