System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

Insufficient Memory in NIS+

Lack of sufficient memory or swap space on the system you are working with will cause a wide variety of NIS+ problems and error messages. As a short-term, temporary solution, try to free additional memory by killing unneeded windows and processes. If necessary, exit your windowing system and work from the terminal command line. If you still get messages indicating inadequate memory, you will have to install additional swap space or memory, or switch to a different system that has enough swap space or memory.

Under some circumstances, applications and processes may develop memory leaks and grow too large. you can check the current size of an application or process by running:

ps -el

The sz (size) column shows the current memory size of each process. If necessary, compare the sizes with comparable processes and applications on a machine that is not having memory problems to see if any have grown too large.