System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

Insufficient Disk Space in NIS+

Lack of disk space will cause a variety of error messages. A common cause of insufficient disk space is failure to regularly remove tmp files and truncate log files. log and tmp files grow steadily larger unless truncated. The speed at which these files grow varies from system to system and with the system state. log files on a system that is working inefficiently or having namespace problems will grow very fast.

Note –

If you are doing a lot of troubleshooting, check your log and tmp files frequently. Truncate log files and remove tmp files before lack of disk space creates additional problems. Also check the root directory and home directories for core files and delete them.

The way to truncate log files is to regularly checkpoint your system (Keep in mind that a checkpoint process may take some time and will slow down your system while it is being performed, checkpointing also requires enough disk space to create a complete copy of the files before they are truncated.)

To checkpoint a system, run nisping -C.