Solaris 10 6/06 Installation Guide: Custom JumpStart and Advanced Installations

RAID-0 Volumes (Concatenations)

The custom JumpStart and Solaris Live Upgrade installation methods enable you to create RAID-0 volumes. A RAID-0 volume single-slice concatenation is a volume whose data is organized serially and adjacently across components, forming one logical storage unit. The custom JumpStart installation method and Solaris Live Upgrade do not enable you to create stripes or other complex Solaris Volume Manager volumes.

During the installation or upgrade, you can create RAID-1 volumes (mirrors) and attach RAID-0 volumes to these mirrors. The RAID-0 volumes that are mirrored are called submirrors. A mirror is made of one or more RAID-0 volumes. After the installation, you can manage the data on separate RAID-0 submirror volumes by administering the RAID-1 mirror volume through the Solaris Volume Manager software.

The custom JumpStart installation method enables you to create a mirror that consists of up to two submirrors. Solaris Live Upgrade enables you to create a mirror that consists of up to three submirrors. Practically, a two-way mirror is usually sufficient. A third submirror enables you to make online backups without losing data redundancy while one submirror is offline for the backup.

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