Solaris 10 6/06 Installation Guide: Custom JumpStart and Advanced Installations

RAID-1 Volumes (Mirrors)

A RAID-1 volume, or mirror, is a volume that maintains identical copies of the data in RAID-0 volumes (single-slice concatenations.) Using RAID-1 volumes to mirror file systems requires an investment in disks. You need at least twice as much disk space as the amount of data. Because Solaris Volume Manager software must write to all RAID-0 volumes, duplicating the data can also increase the time that is required for write requests to be written to disk.

With RAID-1 volumes, data can be read from both RAID-0 volumes simultaneously (either volume can service any request), providing improved performance. If one physical disk fails, you can continue to use the mirror with no loss in performance or loss of data.

After you configure a RAID-1 volume, the volume can be used just as if it were a physical slice.

You can duplicate any file system, including existing file systems. You can also use a RAID-1 volume for any application, such as a database.

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