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Sun Java Enterprise System Deployment Planning White Paper 

List of Figures

Figure 1-1 Deployment Planning Phases
Figure 3-1 Technical Requirements Phase and Other Deployment Planning Phases
Figure 4-1 Logical Design in Relation to Other Deployment Planning Phases
Figure 4-2 Java Enterprise System Components
Figure 4-3 Java Enterprise System Components in a Logical Architecture
Figure 4-4 Logical Flow of Data for the Example Deployment
Figure 5-1 Baseline CPU Estimates for Components Providing User Entry Points
Figure 5-2 CPU Estimates adjusted for Supporting Services
Figure 5-3 Performance Figures Including Memory Requirements
Figure 5-4 Worksheet for Calculating CPU Estimates for Secure Transactions
Figure 5-5 Single Server
Figure 5-6 Two Replicate Servers
Figure 5-7 Distribution of Load Between Two Servers
Figure 5-8 Distribution of Load Between n Servers
Figure 5-9 Availability Design for Calendar Server in Example Deployment
Figure 5-10 Example Deployment Architecture

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