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Sun Java Enterprise System Deployment Planning White Paper 

List of Tables

Table 1-1 Java Enterprise System Components
Table 1-2 Java Enterprise System Suites of Services
Table 1-3 Java Enterprise System Advantages
Table 2-1 Topics for Analyzing Business Requirements
Table 2-2 Topics for Analyzing Business Constraints
Table 3-1 Usage Analysis Topics
Table 3-2 System Qualities Affecting Deployment Design
Table 3-3 Downtime for a System Running Year-round (8,760 hours)
Table 3-4 Prioritizing Availability of Services
Table 3-5 Scalability Considerations
Table 3-6 Topics for Serviceability Requirements
Table 4-1 Use Cases for Example Deployment
Table 4-2 Java Enterprise System Component Interdependencies
Table 4-3 Java Enterprise System Components to Support Example Use Cases
Table 4-4 Additional Components to Support Example Use Cases
Table 5-1 CPU Estimates for Supporting Services
Table 5-2 Resource Management Topics

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