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Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2004Q2 Enterprise Deployment Planning Guide 


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Chapter 1   Understanding Communications Services
Communications Services Overview
About Messaging Server
About Calendar Server
About Instant Messaging
About Synchronization
About Connector for Microsoft Outlook
About Communications Express
Communications Services Component Product Dependencies
How Communications Services Satisfy Enterprise Business Needs
How Messaging Server Satisfies Business Needs
How Calendar Server Satisfies Business Needs
How Instant Messaging Satisfies Business Needs
Summary of Communications Services Benefits
Making the Communications Services Deployment Highly Available
Using Portal Server with Communications Services
Understanding the Deployment Process
Designing the Deployment and Architecture
Development and Customization
Prototyping and Testing
Rolling Out the Production System

Chapter 2   Analyzing Your Enterprise’s Requirements
Identifying Deployment Goals
Business Requirements
Operational Requirements
Culture and Politics
Technical Requirements
Supporting Existing Usage Patterns
Site Distribution
Existing Infrastructure
Support Personnel
Financial Requirements
Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
Determining Project Goals
Planning for Growth
Understanding Total Cost of Ownership

Chapter 3   Understanding Product Requirements and Considerations
Planning for Various Components
Understanding Service Components and Service Tiers
LDAP Directory Information Tree Requirements
Changes in the DIT Structure
Benefits of a One-Tree DIT Structure
Schema Requirements
Directory Server Considerations
Directory Server and Tiered Architecture Considerations
Directory Server Topology Considerations
Directory Server Capacity Planning
Directory Server and Calendar Server Interaction Considerations
Directory Server and Personal Address Book Considerations
Directory Server and Communications Express Considerations
Messaging Server Considerations
Message Store Considerations
Message Transfer Agent (MTA) Considerations
MTA and LMTP Considerations
Mail Message Proxy (MMP) Considerations
Messaging Express Multiplexor (MEM) Considerations
Calendar Server Considerations
Instant Messaging Considerations
Portal Server Considerations
Connector for Microsoft Outlook Considerations
Connector for Microsoft Outlook Component Product Dependencies
Migrating Sun ONE Calendar Server Data
Migrating Exchange Server Data
Communications Express Considerations
Security Considerations
Network Security
Operating System Security
Application Security
Implementing Secure Connections
Implementing Secure Connections Using Two Different Certificate Authorities (CAs)

Chapter 4   Developing a Communications Services Logical Architecture
Communications Services Enterprise Deployment Logical Architectures Overview
Single Tier, One Host Logical Architecture
Single Tier, Multiple Hosts Logical Architecture
Single Tier Distributed Logical Architecture
Two Tier Logical Architecture
Edge Logical Architecture
Edge Architecture Design Recommendations
Benefits of a Single Tier Architecture
Benefits of a Two Tier Architecture
Horizontal Scalability Strategy
Other Deployment Issues
Implementing LMTP for Messaging Server
Implementing Realtime Blackhole List (RBL)
Using Logical Service Names

Chapter 5   Designing for Service Availability
High Availability Solutions Overview
Symmetric HA
Asymmetric HA
Automatic System Reconfiguration (ASR)
Using Enabling Techniques and Technologies
Using Load Balancers
Using Directory Proxy Server
Using Replica Role Promotion
High Availability Solutions for Communications Services
Making the Directory Highly Available
Making Messaging Server and Calendar Server Highly Available

Chapter 6   Communications Services Software Features
Communications Services Component Features
Messaging Server Software Overview
Messaging Server Architectural Overview
Web-based Mail Client Service (HTTP) Through Messenger Express
Where to Go For More Information on Messaging Server
Calendar Server Software Overview
Calendar Server Architectural Overview
Where to Go For More Information on Calendar Server
Instant Messaging Software Overview
Instant Messaging Architectural Overview
Where to Go For More Information on Instant Messaging
Infrastructure Component Features
Directory Server Software Overview
Directory Server Architectural Overview
Where to Go For More Information on Directory Server
Identity Server Software Overview
Identity Server Architectural Overview
Where to Go For More Information on Identity Server
DNS Overview

Chapter 7   Communications Services Deployment Example
Two Tier Deployment Example


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