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Sun Fire X4640 Server Solaris OS Installation Guide     Sun Fire X4640 Server Documentation Library
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Introduction to Solaris OS and OpenSolaris Installation

Installing the Solaris 10 Operating System

Solaris OS Installation Overview

Where to Find Solaris 10 Information

Installing the OpenSolaris Operating System

OpenSolaris OS Installation Overview

How to Install OpenSolaris

How To Install Device Drivers

How to Install Support Repository Updates

Booting From OS Distribution Media

How to Boot From OS Media Locally

How to Boot From OS Distribution Media or ISO File Remotely

Identifying Logical and Physical Network Interface Names for Solaris OS Installation

How to Identify Logical and Physical Network Interface Names

Preliminary Tasks Before Installing An OS

Accessing the Server Output During Installation

How to Configure the Serial Port

How to Erase Your Boot Hard Disk


OpenSolaris OS Installation Overview

Installing OpenSolaris requires the following procedures.

Table 3 Task Map for OpenSolaris Installation

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Install server hardware and configure the service processor.
Configure the console output and if necessary, erase the boot disk.
If you are going to install the OS on a RAID array, configure it before installing the OS.
See your disk management documentation collection
Prepare to boot your OpenSolaris media. You can boot locally from a CD or DVD, or remotely from a CD or DVD, or equivalent ISO file.
Review the Product Notes for late-breaking news about OpenSolaris OS software and patches.
Install patches if necessary