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Sun Ethernet Fabric Operating System

QoS Administration Guide

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Configuration Overview

QoS Management Architecture

Configuring QoS


Classifying and Conditioning Ingress Traffic


Define an ACL and Access Group

Define TCP and UDP Traffic

Define VLAN Tagged Packets

Define Incoming Packet Priorities

Define the Traffic Classes With the class-map Command

Set the Rate and Burst Tolerance of a Traffic Stream

Set up the Ingress Policy

Classifying and Scheduling Egress Class Traffic

Define the Egress Scheduler Behavior

Define a General Shaper

Insatiate Egress Queues

Mapping Ingress Traffic to Egress Class

Map Ingress Traffic to Egress Class

QoS Management Architecture

The QoS management architectures in the SEFOS hardware are based on the IETF Differentiated Service Architecture. However, in this architecture, routing and forwarding are decoupled from the QoS configuration.

There are three logical steps to configuring the switch:

This illustration shows the order of the scripts to be entered.

image:Figure showing the order of the scripts to be entered

The following illustration shows a Layer 2 network. There are four down-stream ports and one up-link port. The traffic should be separated into different queues on the up-link. IP traffic from port 0/2 is separated into two classes: one for UDP packets and one for TCP packets. At port 0/3, VLAN 1000 frames are grouped into one class. At port 0/4, the priority of VLAN frames is changed to 3. But, in this example, the egress queue is different than the default queue for priority 3.

image:Figure illustrating that egress queue is different than the default queue for priority 3

The layer 2 network is configured by the following commands:

SEFOS# configure terminal 
SEFOS(config)# vlan 1000 
SEFOS(config-vlan)# ports extreme-ethernet 0/1-5 
SEFOS(config-vlan)# exit 
SEFOS(config)# no shutdown qos 
SEFOS(config)# qos enable 
SEFOS(config)# exit 
SEFOS# show qos global info
QoS Global Information 
System Control       : Start 
System Status        : Enable 
Rate Unit            : kbps 
Rate Granularity     : 64 
Trace Flag           : 0