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Sun Ethernet Fabric Operating System

IGS Administration Guide

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Document Information

Using This Documentation

Product Notes

Related Documentation

Acronyms and Abbreviations

CLI Command Modes


Support and Accessibility

IGS Overview

IGS Protocol Description

Topology Example

Configuration Prerequisites

Default Settings

Configuring IGS

Enabling and Disabling IGS

Enable IGS Globally

Enable IGS on a Specific VLAN Interface

Disable IGS

Configure Multicast Forwarding Mode

Configure the IGS Version

Configuring a Multicast Router Port

Enable Multicast Router Port

Disable a Multicast Router Port

Configure the Multicast Router Port Time-Out Value

Configuring IGS Querier Settings

Enable IGS as a Querier

Configure the IGMP Snooping Query Interval

Configuring Proxy Reporting

Disable Proxy Reporting

Enable Proxy Reporting

Configuring the Port-Purge Interval

Set the Port-Purge Interval

Reset the Port-Purge Interval

Configuring Leave Processing

Enable the Fast Leave Process

Disable the Fast Leave Process

Configuring the Report Suppression Interval

Enable the Report Suppression Interval

Disable the Report Suppression Interval

Configuring the Group Query Interval Value

Set the Group Query Interval Value

Reset the Group Query Interval

Configuring the Group Retry Count Value

Set the Group Retry Count Value

Reset the Group Retry Count Value

Configuring Report Forwarding

Enable Report Forwarding

Disable Report Forwarding

Reset Report Forwarding to the Default Value

Clearing the Snooping Statistics

Clear the Statistics for a Specific VLAN

Clear the Statistics for All VLANs

Configuring the General Query Transmission Option

Enable the General Query Transmission Option

Disable the General Query Transmission Option

Display Statistics

Flow-Based Configurations

Flow-Based Configuration Example

Configuration Parameters

Configure the MAC-Based Multicast Forwarding Mode

Configure the IP-Based Multicast Forwarding Mode

Configure a Static Router Port

Configure the IGS Version

Configure Queriers in Flow-Based Configurations

Configure Proxy Reporting in Flow-Based Configurations

Disable Report Forwarding

  1. Enter Global Configuration mode.
    SEFOS# configure terminal
  2. Disable the forwarding of reports only to the router ports.
    SEFOS(config)# ip igmp snooping report-forward router-ports
    SEFOS(config)# end
  3. Review the configuration.
    SEFOS# show ip igmp snooping globals
    Snooping Configuration
    IGMP Snooping globally enabled
    IGMP Snooping is operationally enabled
    IGMP Snooping Enhanced mode is disabled               
    Transmit Query on Topology Change globally disabled
    Multicast forwarding mode is MAC based
    Proxy globally disabled
    Proxy reporting globally enabled
    Filter is disabled
    Router port purge interval is 125 seconds
    Port purge interval is 260 seconds
    Report forward interval is 5 seconds
    Group specific query interval is 2 seconds
    Reports are forwarded on router ports
    Group specific query retry count is 2
    Multicast VLAN disabled
    Leave config level is Vlan based