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Sun Ethernet Fabric Operating System

ONET Administration Guide

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Using This Documentation

Product Notes

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Acronyms and Abbreviations

CLI Command Modes


Support and Accessibility

ONET Configuration

ONET Example Configuration

Deafult Settings

ONET and Oracle ILOM

Start ONET From Oracle ILOM

Start the ONET CLI

Stopping SEFOS Before Starting ONET


Start ONET


ONET CLI Commands and Outputs

help Command

show onet <onet-id> [counters] Command

show onets Command

show interfaces description Command

show vlan Command

show lldp Command

show mac-address-table Command

speed port <interface-type> <interface> { 1000 | 10000 } Command

exit Command

Using This Documentation

Oracle's ONET feature groups uplink and downlink ports on its switch. ONET provides internal and external isolated network connectivity for blade servers by bridging downlink ports with uplink ports connected to an external switched network. By restricting traffic within the uplink/downlink port combination, ONET ensures that traffic is not propagated to other ports that should not have access to this data. By linking the uplink port to the downlink port, ONET effectively turns that connection into a bridge for the blade server connected to the downlink port. This document describes the use of ONET on a switch.