Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Performance Tuning Guide

Tuning Modes



Based on this setting, the amtune tool will behave differently.



Sample Values:

Suggests tuning recommendations only. In this mode, the amtune tool suggests tuning recommendations, but will not make any changes to the deployment environment.


Implements tuning recommendations. In this mode, amtune implements all of the tuning recommendations that you have defined in here, except for Sun Directory Server. See the note below for Sun Directory Server tuning.

Default Value:


Additional Information:

Use extreme caution while using CHANGE mode. In CHANGE mode, the amtune tool may restart the web container on which OpenSSO is deployed. The amtune tool may also recommend a system restart when the operating systems kernel parameters are changed.

For Operating System kernel and TCP parameter tuning, the amtune tool tunes the operating system parameters only on Solaris and Linux. The amtune tool does not tune the operating system parameters on AIX, Windows, MacOS or BSD variants.

Sun Directory Server tuning requires extra levels of confirmation. The amtune tool assumes that OpenSSO Enterprise will use an existing Sun Directory Server in non-exclusive mode, although other applications may use Directory Server. If the Directory Server is installed on a remote machine, it will not be tuned automatically. If the amtune tool detects that the Directory server is installed on a remote machine, it creates an file for tuning the remote Directory Server. For more information, see To Tune a Remote Sun Directory Server in this document.

To selectively tune various components, see the section AMTUNE_TUNE_* section of this document.

On Windows, use a forward slash ( / ) for file separators. Example: c:/sun/webserver7

For tuning multiple data stores, execute amtune multiple times using different values for DS_* parameters and DIRMGR_PASSWORD.