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Sun StorageTek Backup Manager Administration Guide

Version 1.0






1. Overview

Product Overview

Product Architecture

Data Collection

Tape Library Agents

Backup Agents

Data Aggregation

Data Storage

Data Presentation

Next Steps

2. Daily Operations

Daily Activity Checklist

Example Scenarios

Example 1: Reviewing Backup Job Status

Example 2: Reviewing Tape Library Status

Example 3: Reviewing Tape Library Configuration Details

Example 4: Reviewing Tape Library Statistics

Next Steps

3. Administration Tasks

Logging into the Admin Page

Data Acquisition Agents

Configuring an Agent

Adding a Backup Master Server or Tape Library

Deactivating an Agent

Activating an Agent

Removing a Backup Master Server or Tape Library

Viewing Agent Events Reports

Refreshing Report Data

Configuring the Backup Cycle

Changing the Administrator Password

Selecting the Start Date and Time for Backup Reports

4. Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Agents

Reviewing the Agent Events Report

Determining the Status of an Agent

Gathering Data

Diagnosing Communications Problems

Troubleshooting Agent Advanced Settings

Running the Agent as the root User

Connecting the Agent Using SSH

Connecting the Agent Using RSH to a UNIX Backup Master Server as root

Connecting the Agent Using RSH to a Windows Backup Master Server as root

Running the Agent as root User

Starting and Stopping the Application Server

Starting the Application Server

Stopping the Application Server

Changing the GlassFish Server Port

Removing SBM User Accounts

SBM Agent Control Commands

SBM Database (PostGres) Control Commands

A. Agent Quick Facts

Agent Listening Ports

Backup Agent Features

Tape Library Agent Features

Tape Library Agent Support

Tape Library Agent Details

B. Reference Pages

Tape Library page

Displaying Tape Library Details

Tape Library Details page

Tape Library Details: Status page

Tape Library Details: Statistics page

Tape Library Details: Configuration page

Backup page

Displaying Backup Jobs Details

Backup Job Details page

Backup Job Details: Jobs page

Displaying Backup Client Jobs Details

Client Jobs Details page

Backup Job Details: Errors page

Admin Login page

Admin page

Admin Tasks: Configure Agents page

Agent Configuration page

Agent Events Report page

Refresh Report Data page

Admin Tasks: Configure Backup Cycle page

Admin Tasks: Change Password page