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Sun Storage 6180 Array Release Notes, Release 6.5

Release 6.5



Sun Storage 6180 Array Release Notes

For Information About CAM

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Product Overview

System Requirements

Firmware Requirements

Disk Drives and Tray Capacity

Data Host Requirements

Multipathing Software

Special Instructions to Enable Multipath Failover for Solaris OS 9 Data Hosts

Supported Host Bus Adaptors (HBAs)

Supported Enterprise Software

Supported FC and Multilayer Switches

Restrictions and Known Issues

Compatibility with Solaris 9 OS

Hibernate Does Not Work in a Root Boot Environment for Windows Server 2003

Drive Module ID of 0 (Zero) Is Restricted

Drives Cannot Be Removed During a Drive Firmware Download

Additional Drive Modules Cannot Be Added During an ESM/IOM Firmware Download

Drives Fail to Spin Up if Inserted While the Storage Array Reboots

Controller Panics After Removing the Last ESM/IOM

Linux Host Hangs During Reboot After New Volumes Are Added

Cache Attempts to Restore the Backup Data on Foreign Devices

Linux I/O Timeout Error Occurs After Enabling a Switch Port

Controller Does Not Detect All Hardware Defects on a Newly Replaced Host Interface Card

Ancient I/O Error Reported

Linux Host Hangs During Reboot

No Automatic Synchronization MEL Events on ACS and Deferred Lockdown

Cannot Find an Online Path After a Controller Failover

I/O Errors Occur During a Linux System Reboot

Volume Transfer Fails

MEL Events Occur During the Start-of-Day Sequence

Unable to Load a Previous Firmware Version

Controller Registers Disabled IPV6 Addresses When Using iSNS with DHCP

iSNS Does Not Update the iSNS Registration Data When You Change the iSCSI Host Port IP Addresses

Documentation Issues

Upgrade Procedure in Service Advisor is Incorrect

Converting a 6140 Controller to a 6180 Controller

DC Power Option Illustration for Hardware Installation Guide

Product Documentation

Service Contact Information

Third-Party Web Sites