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Sun Blade Storage Module M2 Installation Guide
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Overview of the Sun Blade Storage Module M2

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Storage Module Features

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Storage Module Operation Within the Blade Chassis

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Storage Module Hardware Compatibility

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Installing the Storage Module Into the Chassis

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Assigning and Managing Storage

Overview of Assigning Storage to Hosts

Overview of Storage Management Options


How to Install the Storage Module

Before You Begin

If you have optional components to install, do so before installing the storage module. For information on installing optional components, refer to the Sun Blade Storage Module M2 Service Manual.

  1. Locate a free slot in the chassis.

    The storage module can be installed in any free slot.

  2. Remove the filler panel for the slot as follows:
    1. Pinch the ejector release lever and rotate it away from the filler panel.
    2. Slide out the filler panel.


    Caution - If the chassis is powered on, insert the storage module within 60 seconds of removing the filler panel. Otherwise, chassis cooling might be compromised.

    Note - Filler panels should remain in any unused slots because they ensure that the chassis maintains the proper cooling and complies with FCC limits on electromagnetic interference (EMI).

  3. Pinch the storage module ejector release levers and rotate them away from the storage module as far as possible without forcing them.
  4. Install the storage module as follows:
    1. Position the disk module vertically so that the ejectors are on the right, as seen from the front of the module [1].
    2. Push the storage module into the open slot until it stops [2].
    3. Rotate the ejectors in towards the storage module until they lock into place.

      The storage module should now be flush with the chassis (although the disk drives stick out about 1.5 mm) and the ejectors locked in place [3, 4].

    image:Graphic showing insertion of the storage module into the chassis

    Chassis power will immediately be applied to the storage module. The storage module green activity LED will blink and then remain steady on as the module is initially discovered by the Chassis Monitoring Module (CMM). This process can take up to a minute. Once storage module resources are fully discovered by the CMM, an “added to SAS-2 fabric” event will be logged in the CMM event log. This can take an additional 2 to 4 minutes.

    Note - Before the storage module drives can be seen by server modules in the chassis, they must be assigned on a per-host basis using the Sun Blade Zone Manager feature of the CMM ILOM.

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