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Sun Blade Storage Module M2 Installation Guide
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Overview of the Sun Blade Storage Module M2

Terminology Used In This Document

Storage Module Features

Storage Module Components

Storage Module Operation Within the Blade Chassis

System Requirements

Storage Module Hardware Compatibility

Storage Module Software Compatibility

Installing the Storage Module Into the Chassis

How to Install the Storage Module

Storage Module Indicators

Storage Module Front Panel LEDs

Assigning and Managing Storage

Overview of Assigning Storage to Hosts

Overview of Storage Management Options


Installing the Storage Module Into the Chassis

You can insert the storage module into any free slot in a supported chassis. The Sun Blade Storage Module M2 is hot-pluggable and therefore you can insert the storage module into a powered-on chassis.

The storage module receives its power directly from the chassis. There is no power switch on the module itself.

If your Chassis Management Module (CMM) has the minimum firmware required to support a SAS-2 environment (in which server REMs and chassis NEM are SAS-2), the chassis will, after a discovery period of up to five minutes, recognize the storage module after insertion. However, server modules in the chassis will not be able to see storage on the module until you have assigned its storage on a per-host basis using the Sun Blade Zone Manager feature of the chassis CMM ILOM. For more information on required firmware, see Storage Module Hardware Compatibility.

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