KCMS CMM Reference Manual

Protected Members

The KcsProfileFormat class has the following protected members.

Table 6-1 KcsProfileFormat Protected Members

Protected Member 


virtual KcsStatus
deleteXform(KcsXformType aXfType);

Deletes the transforms. 

KcsProfileFormat(KcsStatus *aStat, KcsIO *KcsIO,
 	int  Format = 0);

Constructor that takes a KcsIO object to construct the appropriate profile format.

KcsProfileFormat(KcsStatus *aStat,
 	KcsId aCmmId,KcsVersion aCmmVersion,
 	KcsId aProfId, KcsVersion aProfVersion);

Constructor. Takes a profile version and creates a blank profile format. 

virtual KcsStatus
loadObjectMap(const KcsLoadHints aHints =
 	KcsCallbackFunction aCallback = NULL);

Loads the profile format's objects mapped to chunk Ids. 

virtual KcsStatus saveObjectMap();

Saves profile format's objects mapped to chunk Ids.