KCMS CMM Reference Manual

Public Members

The KcsProfileFormat class has the following public members.

Table 6-2 KcsProfileFormat Public Members

Public Member 


static KcsProfileFormat *
createProfileFormat(KcsStatus *aStat, KcsIO *aIO);

Creates a profile format object from a KcsIO object. 

static KcsProfileFormat *
createProfileFormat(KcsStatus *aStat,
 	KcsId aCmmId, KcsVersion aCmmVersion,
 	KcsId aProfId, KcsVersion aProfVersion);

Creates a profile format object from CMM and profile information. 

virtual void

Caches an attribute that has changed. 

virtual void
dirtyXformCache(KcsXformType aXformId);

Caches an Xform that has changed. 

KcsLoadHints generateLoadWhat(
 	const KcsXformType aXfType) const;

Returns the load hint associated with this KcsXformType.

virtual KcsAttributeSet *
generateXformAttributes(KcsStatus *aStat,
 	KcsXformType aXfType);

Generates attributes associated with a KcsXform.

virtual KcsStatus getCmmId(KcsId *);

Returns a CMM Id.

virtual KcsStatus 
getObject(KcsAttributeSet **aAttr,
 	KcsCallbackFunction aFunc = NULL);

Gets the KcsAttributeSet of the format.

virtual KcsStatus 
getObject(KcsXform **aXform, KcsXformType aXformId,
 	KcsCallbackFunction aFunc = NULL);

Returns the KcsXform that represents the aXformID operation.

virtual long getSaveSize();

Returns the number of bytes to be saved. 

static KcsId
getTheCMMId(KcsStatus *aStat, KcsIO *aIO);

Gets the CMM identifier for the KcsIO object.

static KcsVersion
getTheCMMVersion(KcsStatus *aStat, KcsIO *aIO);

Gets the CMM version for the KcsIO object.

static KcsId
getTheProfileFormat(KcsStatus *aStat, KcsIO *aIO);

Gets the profile format using the KcsIO object.

static KcsVersion
getTheProfileVersion(KcsStatus *aStat, KcsIO *aIO);

Gets the profile version using the KcsIO object.

virtual long getSaveSize();

Returns the number of bytes needed to save the profile. 

virtual KcsStatus
initEmptyFormat(KcsIdent aCMMId =

Initializes profile's static store to an initial state. 

virtual KcsStatus isSupported(KcsLoadHint aHints);

Returns whether the object(s) associated with aHints is supported by this profile instance.

KcsProfileFormat(KcsStatus *aStat);


virtual ~KcsProfileFormat(void);


virtual KcsStatus
postAttrCompose(KcsTags *aOwningAttrSet,
 	const long aCount, KcsTags **aOrigSequence);

Builds ICC profile sequence description tag.  

virtual KcsStatus

Saves all objects associated with this profile format. 

virtual KcsStatus
saveNew(KcsChunkSet *);

Saves using a different chunk set. 

virtual KcsStatus setCmmId(KcsId);

Sets the CMM Id. 

virtual KcsStatus 
setObject(KcsAttribute *aAttr);

Sets KcsAttribute to the set of attributes to save in this profile's format.

virtual KcsStatus 
setObject(KcsXformType aXformId, KcsXform *aXform);

Sets the KcsXformType to the KcsXform class aXform.

virtual KcsStatus
unloadWhenMatch(KcsLoadHints aMatchHints =

Unloads the profile objects associated with aMatchHints, if they match the last hints supplied to unload(). Unloads the correct data automatically. Helps recover memory (call it with KcsUnloadWhenNecessary()).