OpenWindows User's Guide

Control Area Menus

The control area has four menu buttons: File, View, Edit, and Go To; Go To has a text field. This section shows each of these controls and provides a brief introduction to each of the items. Figure 2-5 shows the menu buttons within the File Manager control area.

Figure 2-5 File Manager Control Area Menu Buttons


File Menu

The File menu provides choices that you can use to perform filing functions.

View Menu

From the Base Window, the View button has a menu with choices for different ways to view the file system. These are Open Folder View, Large Icon View, Small Icon View, Icon By Name, Icon By Type, List by Name, List by Type, List by Size, List by Date, and Cleanup Selection. Refer to "Folder View " for information on the Folder View. Otherwise, use these display options to choose how the contents of the file pane are displayed and sorted:

Edit Menu

Edit has a menu with options for editing.

Go To Menu and Text Field

The Go To menu has choices (that can be set by you in properties) that allow you to quickly go back to your home directory or to other directories that you have recently accessed. You can also type the path name of a folder you want to go to in the Go To text field. See "Using the Go To Text Field and Menu" for more information.