OpenWindows User's Guide

Printing Text Editor Files

Before printing a Text Editor file, you may need to choose Format from the Extras menu to reformat selected long lines of text into physical lines of no more than 72 characters. A line of text is defined as ending with a carriage return. The Text Editor wraps a long line into several displayed lines, so what looks like several lines on your screen may actually just be one long line.

You print Text Editor files by dragging and dropping the file onto the Print Tool application. To drag the entire Text Editor file, press SELECT on the text glyph inside the drag and drop target, drag the pointer to the Print Tool icon or drag and drop target, and release SELECT. The drag and drop target is the small shaded box in the upper right corner of the Text Editor or the upper left corner of the Print Tool.

You can also print Text Editor files the same way you print any file with the File Manager. Save your Text Editor file using one of the methods described in the section "File Menu". Then select the file in the File Manager, and drag and drop it onto the Print Tool or choose Print File from the File Manager's File menu. See "Printing Files" for more information about printing files from the File Manager.