OpenWindows User's Guide

Deleting an Appointment

To delete an existing Appointment or To Do item, follow these steps:

  1. Select a date and display the Appointment Editor pop-up window.

  2. Select the appointment in the scrolling list that you want to delete.

    The appointment is highlighted, as shown in Figure 5-11, the appointment information is displayed in the Appointment Editor fields, and the author of the appointment is displayed in the footer.

    Figure 5-11 Appointment Editor Window with a Highlighted Appointment


  3. Click SELECT on the Delete button at the bottom of the Appointment Editor window.

    The appointment is deleted from both the scrolling list and the Calendar Manager window.

    If you try to delete a repeating appointment, a Notice is displayed, as shown in Figure 5-12, allowing you to delete the appointment for the selected date only, for (forward) future dates, all dates, or to cancel the operation.

    Figure 5-12 Notice for Repeating Events