OpenWindows User's Guide

Dragging an Appointment Message from Mail Tool

When you receive a mail message that has an appointment icon attached to it, or a mail reminder generated by another Calendar Manager application, you can drag and drop the message (or appointment icon) onto Calendar Manager to schedule your appointment by following these steps:

  1. Open the Mail Tool window that displays your mail message headers.

  2. Point to the header and click SELECT to select it.

  3. Press the SELECT mouse button and drag the pointer a short distance.

    The pointer changes to the duplicate pointer, and a small envelope representing the mail message is displayed, as shown in Figure 5-15.

    Figure 5-15 Dragging a Mail Message


  4. Drag the envelope onto the Calendar Manager.

    You can drop it onto the Calendar Manager icon or anywhere on the open Calendar Manager window.

  5. Release SELECT.

    When the appointment has been successfully scheduled, a message is displayed in the footer of the Calendar Manager window. Figure 5-16 shows an example of such a message.

    Figure 5-16 Example of a Message for a Scheduled Appointment


    For complete information on the appointment icon, refer to Chapter 4, Multimedia Mail Tool. If the appointment is in a format that Calendar Manager cannot understand, a Notice is displayed informing you that the appointment cannot be scheduled.