OpenWindows User's Guide

Lock Screen

The Lock Screen utility covers the Workspace and the objects in it with a moving pattern. This provides a certain amount of security for your system when you are away from your desk. Additionally, it prevents the electron beam inside the monitor from burning an image into the internal phosphorescent coating. This can happen if the beam is allowed to fire at one location for an extended period of time. For information on setting the screensaver feature refer to Chapter 17, Customizing the Solaris Environment.

When your screen is locked, the OpenWindows software continues running even though the workspace cannot be viewed. Applications that were running continue running, and any processes currently underway continue. When you unlock your screen, the workspace is exactly as it was when you locked it.

    To engage the Lock Screen utility, choose Workspace Utilities Lock Screen.

In a moment, a moving pattern appears on a black background over the workspace. To unlock your screen again, press any key on your keyboard, or any button on your mouse. Type your password and press Return to display the workspace.