OpenWindows User's Guide

Viewing a Book

In the AnswerBook Viewer, you can turn the pages of a book, chapter, or section almost as if you were reading a printed book. You can also follow hypertext cross-reference links between sections, chapters, and books.

Turning Pages

To turn pages, click SELECT on the page-turning buttons at the top of the AnswerBook Viewer, or click SELECT on the Go Back button to retrace your steps successively, page by page. See Figure 19-4.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts for the paging commands.

Checking Your Location in the AnswerBook

Choose Page Info from the View button menu in the Viewer to look up the origin of the page currently on display. The Page Info window, shown in Figure 19-9, is displayed.

Figure 19-9 Page Info Window


Each time you choose the Page Info option, you see an update of the information for the current page.