OpenWindows User's Guide

Changing the Time Zone

You can display the current time in a different time zone using the Time zone option. The default is local. To choose a new time zone:

  1. Open the Properties window, if not already opened.

    This is described in the section "Customizing the Clock".

  2. Click SELECT on the other option in the Timezone category, as shown in Figure 7-10.

    An abbreviated menu button appears.

    Figure 7-10 Timezone Category


  3. Press MENU on the abbreviated menu button, drag the pointer to the desired time zone, and release.

    Figure 7-11 shows the list of time zones. Note that countries with more than one time zone have submenus containing the time zones for that country.

    Figure 7-11 Time Zones Example


  4. Click SELECT on the Apply button.

    The time for that zone then appears on the clock face or icon.