OpenWindows User's Guide

Mouse Pointer Jumping

The Mouse Property contains Pointer Jumping controls for scrollbars and pop-up windows. Each of these defines a specific way in which the pointer can move in relation to scrolling in a window or a pop-up menu.

Customizing Scrollbar Pointer Jumping

Use the Pointer Jumping Scrollbar check box to specify whether or not you want the pointer to move along with the scrollbar elevator during scrolling actions. When the box is checked, as in Figure 17-6, pointer jumping is enabled.

When the box is not checked, pointer jumping is disabled, and the pointer remains in a fixed position as the scrollbar elevator moves. Note that if you position the pointer above or below the elevator and click SELECT several times, the elevator catches up with the pointer, and you must move the pointer to continue scrolling in the same direction.

Customizing Pop-up Pointer Jumping

Use the Pointer Jumping Pop-up check box to specify whether or not you want the pointer to jump into a pop-up window automatically when it comes up.

If this setting is checked, when a pop-up window with a notice is displayed, the pointer jumps to the default button (that is, your anticipated choice). For example, when you choose Exit from the Workspace menu, a notice asks your to confirm that you want to leave the window system. The notice has two buttons: Exit and Cancel. The pointer jumps to Cancel when the notice window is displayed. (The pointer "jumps" so quickly that you see no movement.) In Figure 17-6, this option is on.

When the box is not checked, the pointer does not jump to the default button in the pop-up window but remains where it was when the pop-up window appeared. Move the pointer onto the appropriate button and click SELECT.

To turn off the pop-up pointer jumping, click SELECT on the check mark. The check mark disappears and the option is turned off.