OpenWindows User's Guide

Panning Through the Tree and File Panes

A feature provided by File Manager is the ability to pan through file panes. This lets you scroll through the panes without using the scrollbars. Panning is like "gluing" the contents of a pane to the current pointer, so that when you move the pointer, the entire contents of the pane moves with it.

Note -

On IA machines, Meta is Ctrl-Alt.

You initiate panning by following these steps:

  1. Move the pointer to the place where you want to start panning.

  2. Press the Meta key on the keyboard, and then press SELECT.

    When the pointer changes to the panning pointer (a curved arrow pointing down), release the Meta key.

  3. Drag the pointer to a new location within the pane, and release SELECT.

    The contents of the pane move along with the pointer. Repeat these steps if necessary to reach the desired location.