OpenWindows User's Guide

Icon Editor Color Controls

You can create color or black-and-white icons by choosing Color or B&W, as shown in Figure 15-13. Color is not available if your workstation is black-and-white.

Figure 15-13 Icon Editor Color Choice


When the Color choice is selected, you can draw using black, white, or any of the colors provided on the Color Chooser window. You display the Color Chooser with the Palette button on the Icon Editor header. When you select a color from the Color Chooser, the cursor changes to that color as a reminder of your current color choice. See the section "Icon Editor Color Chooser Palette" for information about using color.

When the B&W choice is selected, only the colors black-and-white are available. The Palette button on the Icon Editor header changes to a Black or White choice setting. When Black is selected, your icon is drawn with a black pen. When White is selected, your icon is drawn with a white pen.

If the icon you are creating is currently in color when you select B&W, the icon becomes black-and-white.

Caution - Caution -

If you change your icon from color to black-and-white, the colors will not be restored when you switch back to color. If you inadvertently switch from color to black-and-white, use the Undo item on the Edit menu to restore the color.