OpenWindows User's Guide

Save As

To save a file or document as one of the available formats:

  1. Choose File -> Save As.

  2. Type a new name and extension for the file, if necessary.

  3. Select a new file format.

    Image Tool can save files in the following formats:

    • PostScript

    • EPSF

    • GIF

    • JFIF (JPEG)

    • Sun Raster

    • TIFF

  4. Select a Compression method, if applicable.

    The following compression methods are available:

    • None

    • UNIX --Standard UNIX file compression utility, available for (ESPF), PostScript, Sun Raster, and TIFF formats

    • Encoded run length--Available for Sun Raster

    • LZW--Available for TIFF files

    • JPEG--Available for JFIF files

    Available compression methods depend upon selected format. Compression saves disk space.

  5. Select a color attribute, if applicable.

    Available color attributes are: Black and White, 256, Millions.

  6. Select Save.