OpenWindows User's Guide

Saving an Image

There are several options for saving files, but normally only one or two choices are available. For complete information on standard file saving methods, refer to Chapter 1, Introduction to the Solaris User Environment.

    To save a raster image or multiple page document and keep the current file name, directory, and attributes, choose Save from the File menu.

    To save an image (whole or in part) and change the file name directory, or attributes, choose one of the Save As command items:

    • Save As applies to the entire image

    • Save Selection As applies to a region that you defined using the Selector tool.

    • Save Page As Image applies only to a single page of a multiple page document.

    If the file format for the opened file is not supported, the Save button is dimmed and unavailable. Figure 13-5, shows the Image Tool Save As window.

    Figure 13-5 Image Tool Save As Window


    You can change the settings for:

    • File Format: EPSF, GIF, JFIF (JPEG), PostScript, Sun Raster, or TIFF

    • Compression:

      • None

      • UNIX --Standard UNIX file compression utility, available for (ESPF), PostScript, Sun Raster, and TIFF formats

      • Encoded run length--Available for Sun Raster

      • LZW--Available for TIFF files

      • JPEG--Available for JFIF files

    Available compression methods depend upon selected format. Compression saves disk space.

    • Colors: Choose from Black and White, 256, Millions.

    Note -

    The number of colors stored in GIF is at most 256. JFIF stores them in true color (millions).