OpenWindows User's Guide


Some windows contain scrollbars that enable you to scroll though lists or see previous commands. The Text Editor is an example of a scrolling window. By default, most scrollbars appear on the right side of scrolling windows, although you can move them to the left side. See Chapter 17, Customizing the Solaris Environment, for information.

You scroll up incrementally to view previous commands by placing the pointer on an up arrow in the Scrollbar elevator and clicking SELECT. You can scroll down again by placing the pointer on the down arrow and clicking SELECT. You can also press SELECT on the drag area and slide the elevator up or down. Figure 1-14 shows Command Tool's scrollbar and its elements.

Figure 1-14 Command Tool's Scrollbar


By contrast, the Shell Tool is a nonscrolling window. If you type a long series of command lines in a nonscrolling window, you cannot see lines that scroll above the top of the window.