OpenWindows User's Guide

Forwarding Messages to Third-Parties

You can forward a message to another person in two ways, depending on where you start from:

Forwarding a Message

To forward a message from the Header window:

  1. Select the message(s) you want to forward.

    • Click SELECT on the first message header.

    • Click ADJUST on additional message headers.

  2. Choose Forward from the Compose menu.

    The Compose Message window is displayed. Note the following:

    • The Subject text field is filled in. You need to fill in the other To text field, and if desired, the Cc text field.

    • The Text pane displays the original message.

    • The Attachments pane includes any attachments to the original message..

  3. Type your message, and send the entire new message.

    Refer to the section "Composing Messages".

Including a Message

To include a message from the Compose window.

  1. Compose your message.

  2. In the Header window, click SELECT on the header of the message(s) you want to include.

  3. In the Compose window, choose Bracketed or Indented (as you prefer) from the Include menu.

    Your choice determines the formatting of the original message:

    • Bracketed labels the beginning and end of the message.

    • Indented indents each line of the message and marks each line with a greater-than sign (>).

  4. To send the message, click SELECT on Deliver.