OpenWindows User's Guide

International Keyboard Support

A range of international keyboards are available through the Function Keys utility's multiple language support feature. This feature displays an on-screen keyboard with keys that correspond to those on the physical keyboard. When you display one of the international keyboards through a DeskSet or other XView application, the keys you type on your physical keyboard remap to the international characters, and those characters appear in the text region of the XView application window.

To display the keyboard of your choice:

  1. Choose Workspace -> Utilities -> Function Keys.

  2. Pin the Function Keys window to the workspace.

  3. Click SELECT in an XView application window, such as a Command Tool, in which you would like to use a set of international characters.

  4. Press the Language key on your keyboard, and continue to press it until instructed to release it.

    This key is labeled PrSC, or Print Screen.

    Each of the function keys labels displays one of the international languages that the virtual keyboard supports, as shown in Figure 18-2.

    Figure 18-2 Function Keys Mapped with the Supported Languages


  5. Click SELECT on More to cycle through the available character sets.

  6. Click SELECT on the button for the language you would like to use.

  7. Click SELECT on the Show button.

    The virtual keyboard for that language appears on the workspace. The French keyboard is shown in Figure 18-3.

    Figure 18-3 French Virtual Keyboard


  8. Pin the keyboard window.

  9. Click SELECT on the Set button in the Function Keys window.

  10. Release the language button.

  11. Begin typing in the XView application window from which you opened the keyboard.

    The characters you type appear in the chosen character set.