OpenWindows User's Guide

Switching Between Virtual Keyboards

You can access a few characters or symbols from another language or alternate character sets interactively, and then return to typing with your usual character set. For example, you might want to type a few Greek characters inside a document that is in English. To change to a different character set and back again:

  1. Open the document and enter the text in your local language.

  2. When you want to switch languages, press and hold the Language key.

    This key is labled R2 or Print Screen.

  3. In the Function Keys window, click SELECT on the button for the language to which you want to change temporarily.

    Continue to press the Language key.

  4. Type in the characters you want to add.

    These characters appear in the document in the language you have chosen.

  5. Release the Language key.

    Anything you type now appears in your local language.