Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

Choice Property Editor

Only properties unique to a choice object (Radio Box, Check Box, Option Menu) are described here. See "Property Editor: Universal Properties" for descriptions of Object Type, Objects, Object Name, Initial State, and Color. See "Property Editor: Common Properties" for descriptions of Label Type, Label Position, Label (Object), Items, Item Label Type, Label (Item), Item State (Active), and Position [XY].

Choice Type

Specifies which type of choice object (Radio Box, Check Box, or Option Menu) the selected object should be. The object changes form depending on which you choose. Note that there is a control object for each of the choice types in the Controls palette. See "Controls Palette" in Appendix A, App Builder Windows and Dialog Boxes for descriptions of choice types.


Specifies whether the radio box or check box should be laid out in rows or columns, and how many rows or columns there should be. Not relevant for an option menu.

Item State, Selected

Specifies whether the selected item will be selected when the compiled application is opened. Only one item can be selected. For a check box or a radio box object, the selected item will be marked as selected; for an option menu, the label for the selected object will be displayed in the option menu when the application is opened.