Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

Button Property Editor

Only properties unique to a button object are described here. See "Property Editor: Universal Properties" for descriptions of Object Type, Objects, Object Name, Initial State, and Color. See "Property Editor: Common Properties" for descriptions of Label Type, Label, Pulldown Menu, Size Policy, and Geometry.

Button Type

Specifies what kind of button (Push, Drawn, Menu) the selected button should be. Push button is the default. Selecting Menu transforms the push button into a menu button, as if you had dragged and dropped a menu button from the controls palette. The Pulldown Menu property becomes active if you select Menu. See "Controls Palette" in Appendix A, App Builder Windows and Dialog Boxes, for descriptions of button types.

Label Alignment

Specifies the alignment (Left, Right, Centered) of the button label within the button border frame. Label Alignment is relevant only if Fixed is selected as Size Policy. This menu is inactive if Arrow Label Type is chosen.

Arrow Direction

Specifies which direction (Up, Down, Left, Right) the arrow should point if Arrow Label Type is chosen.