Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

To Save a Project to a File (Encapsulate Project)

A project is comprised of one or more modules. Normally a project file is saved in a file with a .bip suffix, and each module file is saved in a separate file with a .bil suffix. To save a project as a single file (for convenience in mailing the project to someone, for instance):

  1. Open the project, as described in "To Open an Existing Project" .

  2. Choose Save Project As from the File menu of the App Builder primary window or Save As from the Project menu of the Project Organizer.

  3. Change to the appropriate folder, if necessary.

  4. Select Save As Encapsulated Project.

    The name of the current project will be displayed in the Enter file name field, with a .bix (builder interface exchange) suffix.

  5. Click Save or press Return.

    Note -

    When a project is saved as an encapsulated file, the .bip file is not affected. When an encapsulated project is opened in App Builder, it is opened just like any other project. When you attempt to save a project that was opened from an encapsulated file, a message dialog box will be displayed, explaining that the project will be saved as individual files. Choose Save Project As if you want to save it as an encapsulated project again.