Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Reference Guide

Overview of DiskSuite Tool

DiskSuite Tool is a graphical user interface for setting up and administering a DiskSuite configuration. DiskSuite Tool provides a graphical view of DiskSuite objects--metadevices, hot spares, and disk slices. DiskSuite Tool uses drag and drop manipulation of DiskSuite objects, enabling you to quickly configure your disks or change an existing configuration. It also provides performance information on metadevices and physical devices.

DiskSuite Tool provides graphical views of both physical devices and metadevices, helping simplify storage administration. You can also perform specific SPARCstorage Array maintenance tasks using DiskSuite Tool.

To start DiskSuite Tool, make sure you are root and enter the command:

# /usr/sbin/metatool [-sdiskset] &

For more information, see the metatool(1M) man page.

DiskSuite Tool and the Command Line Interface

In some instances, DiskSuite Tool and the command line utilities provide slightly different functionality. You must use the command line interface for some operations (for example, creating disksets), and DiskSuite Tool for others. Table 4-1 shows where you will need to use either DiskSuite Tool or the command line to perform certain functions.

Table 4-1 DiskSuite Tool vs. the Command Line


Provided by DiskSuite Tool? 

Provided by the 

DiskSuite Command Line? 

Adding/removing disks to/from disksets 



Adding/removing hosts to/from disksets 



Creating/removing disksets 



Switching metadevice names. (You can rename a metadevice with both DiskSuite Tool and the command line.) 



Monitoring metadevice performance 


No, but you could use iostat(1M).

Maintaining SPARCstorage Arrays


No, but many functions can be accomplished with the ssaadm(1M) command.

Using the Mouse in DiskSuite Tool

Table 4-2 explains how the mouse works in DiskSuite Tool.

Table 4-2 DiskSuite Tool Mouse Model

This Button ... 

Is Used To ... 

SELECT (Default is Left) 

Select objects with a single click. By holding down the Control key and clicking the left button, you can select multiple objects. By holding down the Control key and clicking the left button, you can deselect objects that are selected. You can also drag objects by holding down the left button. 

ADJUST (Default is Middle) 

Drag selected objects and keeps the objects selected, or, if an object is not selected, drag that object. You can drop the object on an appropriate target. If a target is not appropriate, the international "no" sign displays while the cursor is over the target. 


(Default is Right) 

Display pull-down menus when the cursor is pointing at any title in the menu bar, or display a pop-up menu when the cursor is pointing inside an object on the canvas.