Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Reference Guide

Accessing and Using Help

The DiskSuite Tool online help program provides detailed information about the DiskSuite Tool and the functionality it provides.

The DiskSuite Tool help utility is shown in Figure 4-27.

Figure 4-27 DiskSuite Tool Help Utility


The Help titles displayed in the top window pane identify the list of subjects available for each level of help.

The text in the bottom window pane describes information about using the current menu or command.

Use the scrollbars to the right of each pane to scroll through the help information displayed.

On the left side of the Help utility are buttons used to find information and navigate through the help system. The buttons are described in Table 4-22.

Table 4-22 DiskSuite Tool Help Buttons


Click On This Button To ... 

Then ... 


How To 


Display a glossary of DiskSuite terms 

Display instructions for using the help 

Display screen-level help 

Click on a title in the top window pane to view the accompanying help text. 


Return to the last-accessed help topic 

The help viewer returns to the previous screen. 


Exit the online help system 

The help system is closed.