Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Reference Guide

Problem List Window

The Problem List window contains a scrolling list of the current metadevice problems. The list does not provide a history of the problems that have been encountered. The list is updated each time DiskSuite Tool learns of a change in status. Each item on the list is given a time stamp.

Figure 4-26 Problem List Window


Selections on the Problem List window's File menu enable you to log the messages to a user-designated file and close the window. The text field on the right side of the button displays the date and time of the most recent update.

Double-clicking an entry in the list brings up the information window for the device and places the device on the Metadevice Editor's canvas.

Note -

When DiskSuite Tool is minimized, its icon flashes when there is a critical problem.