Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Reference Guide

Statistics Graphs Window (Grapher Window)

Figure 4-7 shows the Statistics Graph window (Grapher window). The Grapher window functions as a visual log of reported statistics utilizing a graph for each device. The Grapher window displays a subset of the information derived by the iostat(1M) interface. You can drag and drop metadevices and disks from any of DiskSuite Tool's windows to the Statistics Graphs window. This includes the Metadevice Editor canvas, the Metadevice Editor Objects list, the Slice window, and the Disk View window. An explanation of the Grapher window follows.

Figure 4-7 Statistics Graphs Window (Grapher Window)


When you add a device to the Grapher window, a button bar appears. If you continue to add devices on the canvas, they appear in individual rows with a control area and graph. Figure 4-8 shows the Grapher window with a metadevice. An explanation of the buttons follows.

Figure 4-8 Grapher Window with Metadevice