Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Reference Guide

Concat Information Window

There are three ways to display the Concat Information window shown in Figure 4-12:

Figure 4-12 Concat Information Window


Table 4-7 lists the functionality associated with the regions of the Concat Information window.

Table 4-7 Concat Information Window Functionality



Device Name 

The metadevice name of the concatenation. As long as the device is not "open," you can change the name by typing a new one and clicking Attach. 


Description of the concatenation's status. 


The size of the concatenation. 


How the concatenation is currently used (for example, submirror). 

Hot Spare Pool 

The entry field for specifying the name of a Hot Spare Pool to be associated with the concatenation. To attach a hot spare pool enter the name in the field and click on the Attach button. The Hot Spare Pool Information window is displayed when you enter a hot spare pool name and click on the Info button. 

Show Stripes 

This toggle button enables you to turn on and off the stripe manipulation region. The number of stripes in the concatenation are shown in parentheses on the button. 

Stripe manipulation region 

The following functionality is available in this region: 

  • List of stripes - Provides the size and status of each stripe included in the concatenation.

  • Attach - Attaches a new and empty stripe to the concatenation.

  • Remove - Removes the selected stripe from the concatenation.

  • Info - Brings up the Stripe Information window for the selected (highlighted) stripes.