Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Reference Guide

Device Statistics Window

The Device Statistics window, shown in Figure 4-11, displays a "snap-shot" of statistical information about a specific metadevice or physical disk. There are two ways to display this window:

Figure 4-11 Device Statistics Window


Table 4-6 explains the Device Statistics Window.

Table 4-6 Device Statistics Window Functionality




This field displays the device name, for example, d63.


This button brings up the device's Information window. 

Raw Thruput 

This information displays reads, writes, total reads and writes, averaged per second. 

Derived Values 

This information displays average wait queue length, average service time, wait probability, and load. 

Add Device to Statistics Graphs Window 

This button adds the device to the Statistics Graphs window. The graph area is blank until you select which statistics to graph. The default is Percent Busy. 


This button presents a new snap-shot of the statistical information.