Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Reference Guide

Slice Information Window

The Slice Information window, shown in Figure 4-10, displays information about a specific slice. There are three ways to display this window:

Figure 4-10 Slice Information Window


Table 4-5 explains the Slice Information window.

Table 4-5 Slice Information Window Functionality



Device name 

The device name, for example, c1t1d0s2.


The status is reported as OK, Resyncing, Enabled, Critical, Spared, Urgent, or Attention. 


The total size of the slice. 

Start block 

The block on which the slice begins. If the slice has a label, there will be additional information about the label in this field. 

End block 

The block on which the slice ends. 


The current use of the slice, for example, file system or swap. If the use is hot spare, a Show Hot Spare Pools button is available on the right side of the Use field. This button opens a dialog that shows a list of Hot Spare Pools with which the slice is associated.

Number of Replicas 

The number of replicas, if any, contained in the slice. 


This button enables the slice. The button is available only if the data on the slice is replicated in a mirror or RAID5 metadevice, or if the slice is used as a hot spare that is currently "broken." 

Disk Information 

Opens the Disk Information window. 

Device Mappings 

Displays the Physical to Logical Device Mappings window. (The Physical to Logical Device Mappings window is not dynamically updated when new mappings are created.)