Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Reference Guide

Disk Information Window

By pointing to a disk on the Disk View canvas and pressing the MENU button, a menu enables you to bring up an information window. Shown in Figure 4-9, the read-only Disk Information window provides information about a disk and its slices.

Figure 4-9 Disk Information Window


Table 4-3 lists the functionality provided by the Disk Information window.

Table 4-3 Disk Information Window Functionality



Device name 

The device name, for example, c2t1d0.


The status is reported as OK, Reserved if the disk is reserved by another host, Failed, or Spun Down if this is a SPARCstorage Array disk and it is spun down.


The type of the disk as listed in the /etc/format.dat file, for example SUN0535, SUN1.05, or DEFAULT.

In Use 

The percentage of the disk that is currently in use as a metadevice, metadevice state database replica, or a mounted file system. 


Shows the usable capacity of the disk. The usable capacity of the disk is the disk capacity less any space taken by state database replicas or the disk label. 


The percentage of the disk available for use. 


A pop-up menu that changes the size units represented in the capacity field and the information under the Size column in the Slice region. Choices include: Gbytes, Mbytes, Kbytes, Sectors, and Cylinders. The default is Mbytes. 


A button to start a stopped disk. (DiskSuite Tool shows the disk state only for SPARCstorage Array disks. A down arrow beneath a SPARCstorage Array disk indicates it is currently stopped.)


A button to stop a disk. (DiskSuite Tool shows the disk state only for SPARCstorage Array disks.)

Controller Information 

A button that brings up the Controller Information window. See Figure 4-20.

Device Mappings 

Displays the Physical to Logical Device Mappings window. (The Physical to Logical Device Mappings window is not dynamically updated when new mappings are created.) 

Show Slices 

A toggle button that expands and collapses the slice view. The number of non-zero size slices on the disk is shown in parentheses on the button. 

Slice Information 

A button that brings up the Slice Information window for each selected slice. Point to the slice area and click the SELECT button to select a slice. To select multiple slices, either press and hold down the Control key while pointing to the slices and clicking the SELECT button or hold down the SELECT button and drag the cursor over slices. 

Table 4-4 lists additional functionality that appears for SPARCstorage Array disks.

Table 4-4 Disk Information Screen, SPARCstorage Array Functionality




Displays the vendor name. 

Product ID 

Displays the product identification number. 

Firmware Rev. 

Displays the product firmware revision information. 

Fast Write

Radio buttons that enable fast writes or synchronous fast writes, or disable fast writes.