Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 User's Guide

How to Create a Mount Point

  1. Click the appropriate icon in the tool bar to create a UFS or NFS mount point, or choose the appropriate option from the Object menu.

    The Mount Point Name window appears.

  2. Type a name and click OK.

    The property book for the mount point is displayed.

  3. If you are creating a UFS mount point, skip to Step 6. If you are creating an NFS mount point, open the Server Path chapter.

  4. Type the name of a server and click Probe Server.

    A list of exported file systems is displayed in the Exported File Systems list.

  5. Click the desired file system name or type a name in the Path Name field. Skip to Step 9.

  6. Open the Device chapter.

  7. Enter the device name of an unused slice or metadevice on which to create the UFS mount point.

    You can either type the name of a device or drag and drop a slice from Disk Manager.

  8. If you want to verify that the specified device is currently available, click the Check File System button.

  9. Make modifications to the other chapters, if needed.

    For example, in the Mount Options chapter you can choose to mount now and/or mount at boot time.

  10. Click OK.

    The mount point appears in the Mount Point list.

Example -- Creating a Mount Point