Korean Solaris User's Guide

Hangul Input Conversion Mode

The first step in entering any Korean character(s) is to turn on Hangul input conversion. Type Control-Space, or if you have a Hangul keyboard type the key labelled Hangul/English. (These keys toggle on/off Hangul input conversion.)

The status region then shows Hangul conversion on:


With Hangul input conversion on, typing appropriate sequences of keys composes Hangul characters in the preedit area on the screen.

Committing Hangul Input

The preceding preedit region contains five Hangul syllables that have not yet been committed. That is, they have not yet been added to the text block being assembled for the application.

These syllables could be committed to the application by typing Control-K. This nonprinting character is not committed in the input along with the syllables, for example:


Otherwise these syllables could be committed by typing the Space bar or a number, punctuation mark, or other printable character that is not part of a valid Hangul character. Unlike Control-K, a printable character (like a question mark) is committed in the input along with the Hangul syllables, for example: